Honeyspoon filled with flower honey

100% organic produce is rich in flora flower to hive installed in different eastern regions and heights within the EU. After the honeycomb pores are filled with honey, the upper surfaces are covered with glaze and they are preserved for years. Thanks to the special ventilation system provided by the bees placed in the cells in the hive and covered with a wax cover, the taste and consistency that we know comes. GOURMETHONEY, being produced in high altitude regions rich in endemic plants, causes it to play a healing role with the vitamins and minerals it contains.


A teaspoon of ‘honey’ eaten on an empty stomach in the morning and evening provides natural energy to the body, and it is a very strong food in preventing digestive system disorders and upper respiratory tract infections. Honeycomb flower honey is the most natural form of honey that extends from the hive to the table without any processing and leaves a unique flavor on the palates…

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