Does honey contain gluten?

Honey is naturally glutenfree . It contains no wheat , barley , rye or oats or their by products.

Does honey contain any allergens?

Honey doesn’t contain weat , crustacea , eggs , fish , peanuts , milk ,  tree nuts , soybeans , monosodium glutamate , sulfites , lactose or tatrazine. Honey doesn’t contain fat or cholesterol.

Why can’t I feed honey to minor 1 babies?

There is a risk of infant botulism when honey is consumed by children under 1 year of age.

How do I store honey?

Store honey at room temperature at all times ! Keep out of the light and sealproperly.

Why organic honey?

Our honeybees are never exposed to chemicals or antibiotics as well as the nectar.

Does heating destroys enzymes?

When the honey crystalizes it actually means the quality is superior. If you really insist on having it liquid warm it up slowly and never higher then 40c° ( au bain-marie or micro wave ). We don’t recommend warming up to keep the  vitamins and enzymes alive and kicking.

What is shelf life of honey?

Honey will actually never spoil ? Maybe change in color , flavor or aroma only. Crystalisation is a natural process and means no harm.

Nutrition facts?

1 honeyspoon contains approximately 60 calories.

Why european honey?

We choose for serving a variety of flavors and aromas coming from miscellaneaous wild flowers (even acacia). Therefore we mainly look for honey produced in rural areas and beehives planted in the highlands which offer the best quality. European standards are the highest in the world and all certificates are available at any time upon request.

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